How to Detox Your Lungs With Your Mind!

Yes! You can detox your lungs with the power of your mind! Sounds crazy? Well the way YOU are probably thinking about (sorry the picture does not help either.)

What we really mean by this is that your mental state plays a huge part in two aspects of lung detoxification (and quiting smoking too): Stress Reduction, Reforming Your Outlook.

Stress Reduction

Stress is a real killer. Not only does it make you feel like you need to smoke more and generally makes life very difficult to deal with, stress also causes a lot of physical harm. High levels of stress over a period of time can lead to a massive upshot of a hormone called cortisol. This is an important part of the body’s functioning but when faced with an overload of this hormone you begin to have troubles.

You see, cortisol is a fight or flight hormone which raises the heart beat and lowers the immune system while releasing more adrenalin. When you run your body in this sort of a state for long periods of time your body cannot handle it and you become sick. It also means your body is not dealing with toxins from cigarettes or the tar that is inside your lungs very well either.

Lowering stress therefore makes it easier to give up cigarettes and to boost your immune system. It also makes it easier to stay focused when administering a lung detox to yourself!

Reforming Your Outlook

No, not the mail program. I am talking about your outlook on a number of things. Your health, your motivations, your dedications. The big WHY of what you are doing and how you can achieve it. This may not seem like some amazing mental superpower but when you consider how much most of us just glide through life without this introspection and ability to change our outlook on life for the better you can see how many fail.

This is not an easy task either. I requires constant repetition and adherence to change to force a shift in thinking large enough to end smoking addiction and promote positive, healthy thinking that will translate to lung detoxification success. The key to this is to take action on positive things not on negative things. Try not to say “My lungs are sick i need to do a detox” for instance and instead say “I want to have healthier lungs!”.

Don’t act on a negative if at all possible and you will slowly start to WANT to quit smoking and really WANT to change your habits to be healthier and really WANT to have a nice set of pink healthy lungs!

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