Lung Cleanse Made Easy and Effective

If you are sick of letting cigarettes rule you life, and are worried about the damage to your lungs whether you have quit or not then you are might be aware of just how terrible a thing smoking is. If you are not sure about the dangers of smoking, check out this picture below.

Gives me the creeps just thinking my lungs once looked like the one on the right. They should look a bit mroe like the one on the left now with any luck from all the effort i put into doing a lung cleanse.

I did not do this alone however, i got some help from a very good ebook called the complete lung detoxification guide.

This was a real help to me for quitting smoking and staying quit, but the real benefit to me was being able to feel the cleansing of my lungs. It is almost magical to wake up some mornings and take in a really big breath of crisp fresh air … without coughing …. without feeling like i had swallowed and ashtray … and without feeling the need to light up again.

Anyway, if you are looking to quit or feel the need to cleanse your lungs this guide may help you. Some of it is common sense, some is interesting and informative, but a lot is very insightful and quite helpful.

I don’t know if it will be the answer you are looking for, but it worked for me, and I think all us smokers and ex smokers need something to help us along because cigarettes are dangerous! Click below if you want to check this out and doa¬† lung cleanse.

Click here to visit the official Complete Lung Detoxification Guide website

How a Lung Cleanse Can Help You to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

There is no doubt that you cannot achieve a proper lung cleanse without quitting your cigarette habit. without being able to resist the call of nicotine and the psychological addiction to the habit you will continue to smoke and fill your lungs with all the stuff you have been trying to eject from your system so you can avoid a sticky fate.

There is however a silver lining to this as a lung detoxification program can actually help you quit smoking and stay off cigarettes for good. This is in part to the physical changes that you are doing to your lungs but also from the mental changes you must go through for a truly powerful detox.


While going into a full cleanse process for your lungs when you are still smoking is ill advised, you can start taking action to clear tar and mucus and boost your immune system. As you start to clear your lungs your body begins to react to new smoke not in a good way. Cleaner parts of your lungs and throat will be irritated by the tar and chemicals and you will not feel the same as you once did when smoking. This can lead to a feeling of displeasure and sometimes outright disgust as you inhales which has been enough of a tipping point for many to reject cigarettes outright. Others might need more of a push but this does help.


While we may think of detoxification and cleansing as a very physical activity designed to flush poisons and tar in this case form our bodies it is important to know that a good lung detox system includes a significant amount of mental detoxification too. That is flushing out and getting rid of poisonous and unhealthy thoughts from your mind! Having the right frame of mind entering a lung cleanse will help you through it but it is absolutely essential to also help in smoking cessation. Key elements of this are changing how you think about your own health, about smoking in general and about your attitude towards everything you do. Another massive part of this is stress reduction which if you have tried to quit before will not come as a surprise. However stress reduction does not just help with fending off cravings, it can also help your body to normalise hormone levels that are causing your internal systems to become sluggish too!


Another helpful part of at least one excellent lung detoxification system is the use of some vitamin supplements. These special vitamins have been known to reduce the cravings from nicotine withdrawal as well as help with the detoxification process making this a dual action part of the process of quitting and getting better, healthier lungs.