4 Natural Lung Cleanse Tips

Want to Avoid Pills?

A lung letox cleanse is a fairly natural process for the most part that involves understanding how your mind, body and lungs work so that you can manipulate each of them for the best cleaning possible. A natural lung cleanse is basically just one where you do everything you can without resorting to solutions from pharamcutical companies using items made in a labratory. This is a good idea as adding mroe chemicals to your already overloaded body is not a good idea and many drugs tend to cause some side effects anyway.

As such here are 5 natural lung cleaning tips to help you achieve healthier lungs without the added risk of drugs.

  1. Water is Your Friend – Part of all detoxification systems is extreme hydration. Water is second in line only to oxygen as the most importnat thing you need for your body (and you are not getting enough oxygen with those smokers lungs either!). It is essential to so many of our body’s systems that we are atually made up for abotu 70% water. Water can also flush from your body many toxic elements and poisons which is why it is advisable to load up on wate rather than drinks of any other kind. You may need to pee a lot but it is helping each time!
  2. Low Level Exercise Can Be Good – While it is obvious that you need to start exercising to get your lungs pumping and your heart as well there is no need to overdo it./ In fact you should start out slowly if you have not been too active before or you might hurt yourself! Just taking a 30 minute walk every day is enough to make a massive difference to your cardio fitness and to lung detoxification.
  3. Stress Reducation – Stress causes hormonal problems in both men and women. This causes a knock on effect that lowers your immune system and your internal cleansing agents. By finding ways to calm down and relax and worry less in general you are doign your whole body and esspecially your lungs a massive favor. This is not always easy though but it must be handled naturally and not with any sort of medication or you will just cause more problems.
  4. Avoid Processed Foods – Processed foods are bad news for our body’s. They contain huge amounts of preservatives and sugars that, like stress, mess up our internal systems too. By shanging your buying patterns to include more fresh foods you will help your body be healthier and help your body maintain better internal health which directly flows onto flushing tar and toxins from your lungs.

A natural lung cleanse as you can see is not too difficult but there are many more things you need to do to get the most benefit out of one. So if you are srious about cleaning up your black sickly lungs and takign control over your health once more I encourage you to take a look at the lung detoxification program in the link below as it has helped many people live healthier and avoid a premature and horrible demise.

Lung Detoxification Program