Elements of a Lung Detox Cleanse

Lung Cleansing Is Multifaceted

A lung detox cleanse as we mentioned in the last post is more than a single pill or tonic. Just as your lungs have many problems due to the tar and toxic substances you have inhaled from cigarettes you need a multi-faceted approach to dealing with it and repairing your lungs as much as you can. While there are a lot of details to each of the elements listed below these are the main factors that add up to getting detoxified, clean lungs.

  • Physical – You need to get physically active and you need to do physical exercises to dislodge tar and increase your lungs health. The more you get your lungs pumping the more flexible and powerful they become. This aids in detoxification from a very physical point where you can get rid of mucus and tar from the airways but it also ties in to increasing your immune system and overall health as well.
  • Mental – Did you know that your mental state can have a massive impact on your physical state? With a healthy frame of mind that is free from constant stress and worry you can actually normalise hormone levels which increases your internal healing abilities. By exercising your brain and thinking positive thoughts you can also keep yourself motivated and happy even if your lungs feel like a lead weight.
  • Diet – What you eat is one of the most important parts of being healthy. When it comes to a lung detox cleanse this does not change but your focus of feeds does need to shift. As always you should be eating healthy foods and avoiding processed, fatty and sugary foods. These foods will mess up your insides and cause hormonal spikes as lower your immune response. Healthier eating of fresh fruits and vegetables are essential to boost the immune system. There are also a number of foods which help to loosen mucus and tar and open up your airways as well.
  • Supplements – While we do not encourage people to take supplements as some sort of quick fix, there are a number of special vitamins and supplement pills which can help to detox your lungs along with all the other parts of a lung detox.

We mention the immune system quite a lot because this is the process within the body that deals with destroying the pathogens and foreign particles that cause us to get sick. This means that you are effectively healing your lungs from the inside out but with support from outside intervention and the full power of the bodies mind and physical systems as well.

To find out how to tie all these elements of a lung detox cleanse into a full detoxification program click below to discover the best way to do this.

Lung Detoxification Program