Detoxify Lungs With Food?

As mentioned in our previous post your diet makes a large difference to your body’s internal healing systems and also specifically how you can detoxify your lungs. A change in what foods you eat can dramatically boost your lung cleansing abilities by liquefying mucus making it easier to flush some of the tar from your lungs and also boosting the immune system so that your body goes into toxin flushing hyper-drive!

Here are a few good lung cleansing foods.

  • Chili – Hot foods like this are good because they contain nutrients and elements that break down mucus to make it more liquefied. When you eat hot foods and you get a runny nose you can feel this and when you have a lung full fo mucus mixed with tar you can feel the mucus loosening so you can eject it from your body faster.
  • Water – Yes water, this is one of the best detoxification aides you can possibly have! Try to avoid other drinks such as juice and cordial and alcohol in favor of simple water. Hydrating your body keeps you healthy and it also flushed poisons and toxins from your system so remember to drink a lot of water every day.
  • Onions – This vegetable is rich in many nutrients that have great health benefits. Vitamin C, folic acid and B6 are all in abundance which help preventing many health issues. They also help to prevent blood clots and have been known to help fight against lung cancer as well.

There are also some foods you need to avoid for a good lung detox.

  • Processed Foods – Foods that are highly processed are typically full of preservatives and sugar which can be detrimental to your body’s internal functioning. Cutting down or eliminating these in favor of fresh foods will help the body adjust and heal itself better.
  • Milk & Dairy – Dairy products have a side effect of causing a lot of mucus which is something a smoker with unhealthy lungs is in no short supply of. Reducing or eliminating your diary intake will help the throat and lungs be less clogged.

There are many other great foods that help with inner health and specifically lung detoxification. To discover more about this click below for a full guide on lung cleansing that covers every aspect in full detail so you can breathe easy and not worry about lung diseases and poor health.

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