More Reasons to Clean Your Lungs

There are many reasons to clean your lungs of all the garbage you have put in there from smoking cigarettes for so long. For those that might not have a complete understanding of why you need to cleanse your lungs with a lung detox here are a few more reasons to see your lungs as ticking time bombs just waiting to go off!

Chronic Bronchitis – This is a condition where the tar and chemicals mixed with mucus in your airways help to inflame and clog them. This leads to a swelling of the bronchial tubs which makes it more difficult to breathe and makes you cough uncontrollably very often. The pain and irritation of bronchitis can become chronic and recurring. If you do not cleanse your lungs it can also leave irreparable scarring in the airways as well.

Emphysema – Your lungs are like a tree where the trunk goes up to your mouth and nose and the branches then extend down to the “leaves” which are known as Alveoli. These are little sacs that have the job of putting oxygen into your bloodstream and taking carbon dioxide out of your blood. They are the essential gates to being able to breathe and well … live! However, every time you smoke you destroys some of these sacs. Everyone who has every smoked has done some damage to these parts of your lungs. Not only this but if you quit smoking you stand a much greater chance of this continuing to happen. The bad news is that this is irreparable … you cannot ever grow back the alveoli so quit smoking now please!

Strokes – Some strokes have been linked to unhealthy lungs due to a narrowing of some arteries and reduced blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain. Smokers double their chance of strokes.

Throat Infections – With tar paralyzing the tiny hairs that clean your throat and nasty toxins and chemicals being trapped in the tar your chances of getting a throat infection is much greater. In fact infections of all of your respiratory systems are much higher in smokers and ex smokers which can make you incredibly sick and force you out of work and stop you enjoying your life. Extreme cases have lead to fatalities even.

Bad Breath – While this is not as bad as all he others we just wanted to mention that not all aspects of smokers lungs are life threatening. Some are just relationship threatening as a smokers breath is never as fresh and clean as a person who has no smoked or has been through a lung detox program.

So what can you do to avoid these pretty terrible conditions? The answer is a complete lung detoxification system that will clean up your lungs at a rate 10 to 20 times faster than your natural detoxification processes. Click below to learn more.

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