Herbal Lung Cleanse – Do They Work?

Some people looking to cleanse their lungs have looked into natural cures that involve a herbal lung cleanse. There are some of these herbal remedies advertised as drinks you can simply knock back and be cured of your condition and other that come in supplement pills. However, do these approaches really work on someone who has layers of tar built up in their lungs from years of smoking?

The answer is no. No single herbal supplement can possibly eject all the tar from your system and flush the toxins from your body. If it were that easy the cigarette companies would be selling this stuff with every pack of cigarettes to make more money and so you can live longer to buy thier addictive crap!

This is not to say there are no good natural remedies involving herbs for detoxification of the lungs, but it does mean that it is only a part of the solution no the whole solution which involves a great deal more.

Some herbal lung cleanse supplements that are useful to incorporate are:

Ginger – Ginger is a powerful detoxification agent and can be used i a number of ways. You can boil a ginger root tea mixed with lemon which will help you breathe easier and will also flush toxins from your system faster. You can also add powdered ginger to a bath which you lie in for 20 minutes or so. This causes your body to heat up and sweat out a lot of bad substances … however this does not directly target the lungs. It will make you drink more which is good though and the fumes from the bath will enter your lungs and help soothe and decongest them.

Mullein – This herb is excellent in loosening congestion of the chest which is a problem when mixed with tar and toxins in the lungs. You can use this plant to make a tea but be careful of the little hairs on the leaves as they can be very irritating if swallowed so make sure to remove them.

There are many more but focusing just on herbs is a mistake when you need to also look at your diet, exercise, mental state and other lesser known vitamins to really get the best out of a proper lung detoxification system.

Click here to discover more about all these parts of a lung detox.

2 thoughts on “Herbal Lung Cleanse – Do They Work?”

  1. I tend to disagree that herbs cannot cleanse the lungs! I get more relief from herbal remedies than I do from pharmaceuticals and doing absolutely nothing. It is true your body cleanses itself, but taking herbal supplements which are meant for you to ingest, that your body has natural receptors for, DOES help support the body in cleansing all unwanted toxins from your system. Not just from smoking, because 70% of all lung cancer diagnosis are NOT caused by smoking, but by the MANY chemical toxins in the environment that we are contributing to. Your body is capable of tremendous healing potential if you give it what it is meant to have! Petroleum based pharmaceuticals are chemicals that harm the body and now are the leading toxic waste in our environment! Cigarettes, or tobacco in its natural state, without the 600 added chemicals from the corporations in charge of making and distributing name brand cigarettes, can be dealt with by the body fairly easily! Please do some research and hold accountable those who force people into addiction of much more than simple nicotine from the tobacco plant. Cancer rates increased only after these chemicals were added to the plant during processing.

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